Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023

Board Name Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB)
Exam Name 11th Class Annual Examination 2023
Exam Year 2023
Result Date 11 August 2023(Announced)
Result Publication Medium Online and Sms
Result Access Method Individual Roll Number or Institution Wise
Grading System Marks-based grading system
Total Marks 1100
Rechecking Procedure Available upon request with a specified fee
Official Site

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Updated August 2023
On August 11, 2023, the Aga Khan Board unveiled the results for the 11th Class Result 2023, bringing moments of elation for students, families, and educators. The Aga Khan Board 11th Class Result 2023 reflect not only academic prowess but also the resilience displayed by students in the face of unprecedented challenges. As these young minds step into higher academic realms, the Aga Khan Board's commitment to fostering quality education shines through. The results serve as a testament to the collective efforts of students and teachers, and they inspire a renewed drive for excellence as these individuals continue on their educational journey with enthusiasm and determination.


The content of syllabus being taught to students under Aga khan board is based in national curriculum of Pakistan and but it offers separate programmes for middle, secondary and intermediate classes. After the announcement of 11th class results and 12th Class results by Aga khan –EB the students can pursue their higher education courses from any institute they want. The degrees awarded by AKU-EB are accepted by all higher educational institutes at national and international level.

The teaching method being adopted by Aga Khan Board for all of its programmes is slightly different from other BISE Boards of Pakistan as it is primarily focused on application of conceptual learning and development of cognitive skills. The Board has vision to train its students in accordance to 21st century pace. The HSSC programme is consisted of Compulsory Subjects, Elective Subjects - Pre-Engineerring Group, Elective Subjects - Pre-Medical Group, Elective Subjects - Science General Group (Any One Combination), Elective Subjects - Commerce Group and Elective Subjects - Humanities Group (Any Three Subjects.

BISE Aga Khan Board 11th Class Part 1 results are prepared with E-Marking system. The assessment policy designed by Aga Khan Examination board is based on three principles namely, transparency, validity and reliability. The students are being judged on the basis of their knowledge and skills and also their conceptual understanding rather than mere word to word learning ability. The entirety of syllabus is focused and exercised and every question is derived from the syllabus.

The examinations papers of all classes are designed with MCQs, Constructed Response Questions (CRQs) and Extended Response Questions (ERQs).The checkers are strictly directed to practice fairness while checking, there should not any be personal bias or discrimination. The E-marking system although has made the results system quite transparent and if there is any reservation the students can always recheck their papers.

The teaching methods, examinations commencement and results preparation of Aga khan board are designed on the pattern of international standards and all inclusive in all aspects of high quality education system. Besides, the needy students are facilitated with scholarships and fee waivers which are funded by Fancy Foundation. The applicants of scholarships must have acquired 70% total marks to avail this scholarship. The quality assurance team of AKU-EB conducts surveys in its affiliated institutions to oversee and monitor its working and overall the Board has been running successfully since its coming into being.

11th Class Agha Khan Board Results FAQs

Q: When will the Agha Khan Board 11th Class Result be announced?

Ans: The Agha Khan Board 11th Class Result is announced on 11 August 2023. However, the exact date and time have not yet been confirmed.

Q: How can I check my Agha Khan Board 11th Class Result?

Ans: You can check your Agha Khan Board 11th Class Result online or by SMS. To check your result online, you can visit the Agha Khan Board website and enter your roll number. To check your result by SMS, you can send your roll number to 8888.

Q: What are the challenges of passing the Agha Khan Board 11th Class?

Ans: The Agha Khan Board 11th Class is a challenging exam. The syllabus is vast and the competition is fierce. However, you can overcome these challenges and succeed with hard work and dedication.

Q: What are the benefits of passing the Agha Khan Board 11th Class?

Ans: Passing the Agha Khan Board 11th Class will allow you to continue your education in the 12th grade. It will also open up more job opportunities for you.

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