PEC Pakpattan Board 5th Class Result 2024

PEC Pakpattan Board result 2024 of 5th class

PEC Pakpattan Board 5th class result 2024 has been announced at the end of March. The examinations of 5th class were conducted in the month of February 2024, so students were waiting for result restlessly. After one month of the exams, the final result has been published of PEC Pakpattan Board of the bunch of 2024. Candidates who got highest marks listed in position holders before the announcement of the full result of 5th class of PEC Pakpattan Board, furthermore the ceremony in the award of position holders have been scheduled. Many students of PEC Pakpattan Board were dazed after the announcement of the result because their expectations with the result were fall shorted. Some of them got supplies but every registered student of PEC Pakpattan Board became determined to endeavor in upcoming days.


Result of 5th class PEC Pakpattan Board

Earlier than Punjab Examination Commission 5th class exams were not considered as board exams, subsequent to PEC the exams of one primary and one middle class started conducted as board exams. Punjab Examination Commission is a very efficient body in the province of Punjab, all Punjab boards are associated with Punjab Examination Commission. This system came into existence in 2006 after the presence of an idea from foreign connoisseurs, who were called from Punjab government. Announcements of results and date sheets, registration and exams are announced on the official website of PEC Pakpattan Board. This online system has been made things easier at all. The result of Punjab Examination Commission Pakpattan Board has been announced with authority of Punjab Examination Commission, the 5th class result 2024 was announced on March 31st 2024 at 10:00 AM.

pec Pakpattan board 5th class result 2024






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