BISE DI Khan Board 9th Class Result 2024

Updated June 2024
Attention all students awaiting the 9th Class DI khan Board Result 2024 The official announcement is imminent! The results are expected to be released on August, 2024, at 10:00 AM. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates!

  • You can access your 9th Class Result 2024 by roll number, name, or SMS.
  • The official announcement is scheduled for August, 2024 at 10:00 AM.
  • Additionally, the 9th Result 2024 Gazette for all board students will be available on
Examining Board Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) DI Khan
Academic Level SSC Part-1
Result Date August, 2024
Result Publication Medium Official BISE DI Khan website and online gazettes
Result Access Methods Online result checking and SMS service
Grading Criteria BISE DI Khan follows a grading system based on students' performance and marks
Subject Coverage The result encompasses various subjects, such as Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies.
Result Contents The result includes student names, roll numbers, subject-wise marks, grades, and overall marks.
Certification and Transcripts BISE DI Khan issues certificates and transcripts to successful candidates.

The BISE DI (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, DI Khan) is scheduled to announce the result of 9th class for the year 2024 in August, as per the yearly schedule. A ceremony will be organized to mark the occasion, during which the names of the position holders will be announced. Once the result is officially declared by the authorities, we will upload it on our page. It is advised to regularly check our page for the latest updates and information. You will be able to conveniently check your 9th class result for 2024 on our dedicated page.

BISE Board Examinations

Indeed, one of the reasons for establishing BISE Boards in every region and district of Pakistan is to establish a standardized testing and examination system. This system aims to ensure equal opportunities for all Pakistani students, regardless of whether they study in urban or rural areas. By implementing a uniform education system, it becomes possible for all graduates, regardless of their financial background, caste, or sect, to have equal access to job opportunities based on their educational merit.The standardized testing and examination system implemented by the BISE Boards helps in creating a level playing field for students across the country. It ensures that the evaluation process is fair and unbiased, enabling students to showcase their knowledge and skills on an equal platform. This promotes equal opportunities for higher education and subsequent career prospects, regardless of the students' socio-economic background or geographic location.

By setting up BISE Boards and establishing a standardized education system, the government of Pakistan aims to provide an inclusive and equitable education environment, where every student has the opportunity to excel and pursue higher education based on their abilities and educational merit.The establishment of these boards not only ensures a uniform education system but also serves as a tool for the government to maintain educational standards in the country. Through these boards, the government can effectively monitor and reform the content of the syllabus being taught nationwide. This allows for consistency and quality in education across all regions of Pakistan. Additionally, the boards play a crucial role in overseeing and regulating school infrastructure and improvements, especially in rural areas. By keeping a check on the state of school infrastructure, the boards can identify areas that require further development and implement necessary amendments to enhance the learning environment for students.

Overall, the BISE Boards serve as important entities through which the government can monitor, regulate, and improve the education system in Pakistan. They ensure that educational standards are maintained, syllabi are updated, and necessary improvements are made to school infrastructure, contributing to an enhanced educational experience for students across the country.The board also has a responsibility to decide papers pattern and difficulty level of papers for annual examinations. These papers are in accordance to the pattern adopted by all other boards of education of Pakistan. Similarly the board has responsibility to announce results at the same time as other boards. Transparency of results and checking criteria of papers is uniform with other BISE boards.

The financial and administrative matters of secondary and intermediate educational policies and examinations of Dera Ismail Khan are authorized to BISE DI Khan. The BISE DI Khan is consisted of two sections; a section for matriculation examinations and results and another for intermediate examinations and results.

The BISE DI Khan has sovereign legislative authority over regions of District Dera Ismail Khan and its FATA Regions, District Tank and its FATA Regions, South Waziristan Agency (S.W.A) and all the educational institutes of these areas such as: Government schools, including Higher Secondary Schools and colleges, Tehsil-wise, both male and female, Private Schools, male and female, Tehsil-wise and Private Colleges, male and female, Tehsil-wise. Registering all the enrolled students of 9th, 10th and intermediate classes in all institutions of DI Khan and its premises is also one of Board’s responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When 9th Class Result be announced?

Ans: The 9th Class Result 2024 will be announced on 22 August, 2024.

Q: How can I check my 9th Class Result?

Ans: You can check your 9th Class Result 2024 online or by SMS. To check your result online, you can visit the official board website and enter your roll number. To check your result by SMS, you can send your roll number to 8888.

Q: What are the challenges of passing 9th Class 2024?

Ans: The 9th Class is a challenging exam. The syllabus is vast and the competition is fierce. However, you can overcome these challenges and succeed with hard work and dedication.

Q: What are the benefits of passing the 9th Class Exam?

Ans: Passing 9th class exam will allow you to continue your education in the grade. It will also open up more job opportunities for you.





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