Prize Bond All Draw Result List 2024

Prize bond is a type of lottery, it’s a non-interest security. Prize Bonds are one of the best investments in Pakistan. We can call it the Gold Investment as well. It’s an investment that gives no premium or profit. The funds which are raised from these bonds are used to offset government borrowing. These are refundable if the owner demand.

Prize Bond All Draw Result List 2024

Prize Bond Draw

National Savings Pakistan has announced the Prize Bond Schedule 2024. Normally the prize bond results are showed every quarterly. The Prize Bonds Draw is mainly held in different cities of Pakistan. Each prize bond has numerous prizes like Rs 100 to 40000. Below is the list of 2024

Pakistan Prize Bond List and Schedule of Year 2024

Prize Bond Price Draw Date Draw Number Draw City
Rs.15000 02 Jan 2024 81 Quetta
Rs.750 15 Jan 2024 81 Karachi
Rs.25000 03 Feb 2024 32 Faisalabad
Rs.7500 03 Feb 2024 81 Hyderabad
Rs.1500 17 Feb 2024 81 Rawalpindi
Rs.100 17 Feb 2024 29 Peshawar
Rs.40000 02 Mar 2024 12 Multan
Rs.200 16 Mar 2024 81 Muzaffarabad
Rs.15000 01 Apr 2024 81 Faisalabad
Rs.750 15 Apr 2024 81 Hyderabad
Rs.25000 04 May 2024 32 Rawalpindi
Rs.7500 04 May 2024 81 Peshawar
Rs.1500 15 May 2024 81 Muzaffarabad
Rs.100 15 May 2024 30 Lahore
Rs.40000 01 Jun 2024 12 Karachi
Rs.200 15 Jun 2024 81 Quetta
Rs.15000 02 Jul 2024 81 Hyderabad
Rs.750 15 Jul 2024 81 Muzaffarabad
Rs.7500 03 Aug 2024 81 Faisalabad
Rs.25000 03 Aug 2024 32 Lahore
Rs.1500 17 Aug 2024 81 Multan
Rs.100 17 Aug 2024 29 Quetta
Rs.40000 01 Sep 2024 12 Rawalpindi
Rs.200 15 Sep 2024 81 Peshawar
Rs.15000 01 Oct 2024 81 Multan
Rs.750 15 Oct 2024 81 Lahore
Rs.7500 02 Nov 2024 81 Karachi
Rs.25000 02 Nov 2024 32 Peshawar
Rs.1500 16 Nov 2024 81 Quetta
Rs.100 16 Nov 2024 29 Faisalabad
Rs.40000 01 Dec 2024 12 Hyderabad
Rs.200 15 Dec 2024 81 Rawalpindi

Prize bond result list

Prize Bond is a lottery bond offered by the National Savings Pakistan (Ministry of Finance) and issued on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. Whatever new information you want about prize bond we update you about it through our website allresults.

Prize bond yearly Schedule 2024

Prize Bonds in Pakistan are distributed incorrect series, and every series is limited to like 1,000,000 bonds (one million numbers). Normally every draw is taken place quarterly. Not profit is given on these bonds. That is why maturity people invest in bonds All Lucky draws take place in major cities of Pakistan. Every time the city is different.

Every quarterly the lucky draw takes place, so in total 36 times, lucky draw take place every year. If we say this in the form of numbers, so around 70,600 Pakistani wins every year and the amount they win is round about 1.6 billion rupees.

Prize Bond Timings and Validity

Prize Bond Draws normally take place on the Second week or first working day of the month. There is time validity in Prize bonds. The prize bond is valid until the scheme is not terminated. There is no expiry date for the prize bond. I f you need more details you can check our website allresults.

Prize Bond Scheme

A prize bond is considered as a non-interest security manner or a type of lottery that is issued on behalf of the Ministry of Finance of the country by the companies of prize bond. These prize bonds are also offered by the Ministry itself. The idea of a prize bond in Pakistan was approached in 1960 for the very first time. Since its notion, it is accounted as a type of bearer investment security or as a gold investment for the people. The sales of the prize bonds are managed by the State Bank of Pakistan. The benefit of the prize bonds is that they are refundable to the owners of the bonds when they demand it.

A question arises in the mind of many people that is there any way to become rich overnight? Most of the people don’t know the answer and way of becoming rich. Prize bond provides you the best way to sustain your bank account in a night. You have to participate in the prize bond scheme to fulfill your dream. Prize bond scheme plays an important and vital role to achieve one's dreams overnight. It is considered as a gold investment for thousands of people. It is a legal and lawful method to safely invest your money and you have the chance to win the highly value money in a very short time.

Check Prize Bond Lucky Draw Results

The prize bond owners are able to check prize bond lucky draw results and the schedule of the year from our website The prize bond lucky draw is held as a common draw method. As all of we know that the prize bond is considered as an investment and this investment is available at a very low cost and also at a very high cost. The price of these bonds is affordable to anyone who wants to become rich without doing anything. The face values of these prize bonds are Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000 and Rs. 40000. And winning prizes of these bonds are also different (according to the purchasing price of the bonds).

The prize bonds are circulated in an appropriate sequence, where each string of the bonds consists of 1000000. The schedule or a calendar of Prize bond list 2024 is delivered for a whole year. The calendar is marked cities, dates and days when the lucky draw is held. Every year, the lucky draw results of prize bonds are organized after three months and the prize bond remains credible till the scheme completion and expiry. This is a great opportunity for the average income earners to become rich by trying their luck through these prize bonds. provides you all the details about the prize bonds like winning numbers of the prize. Prize bond owners are able to check the online prize bond list 2024 from our website. You have to match your bond number online with the winning numbers. If you are one of them who are the winners of the prize bond lucky draw then go and claim your bond. To claim your money, you have to fill a specific form that is claim form and submit this form to the State Bank of Pakistan along with a copy of your NIC. No, need to worry about the charges of the claim form because it is free of cost for all people who win at the draw. And those who are not able to win the prizes will cashback their money by selling the prize bond in State Bank of Pakistan. Other banks in Pakistan are also eligible to cash these bonds.

Prize Bonds Result List in Pakistan

Different worth holding prize bonds draws are held differently. And the number of prizes and winning cash prices vary differently every time when a lucky draw is held. Our website provides all the facilities of the bond owners. Simply place the query about the prize bond like draw date, date, amount and get the result. All prize bonds result in Pakistan are available here. You are also able to find the number of winners of draw from our website.

Prize Bond List 2024

Many people wonder about the prize bond like they don’t know under which committee or institute prize bond draw is held. It is open for the general public and is held by a committee aggregated with the Central Directorate of National Savings. A special draw ceremony is held by the committee and it is a very fair and transparent process. The common public and the committee members attend this ceremony. As it is mentioned that it is like a common draw method so the draws of prize bonds are drawn through hand-operated draw machine that is normally initiated by special children. And the prize bond list 2024 is uploaded online on our website.

Big investors purchase more numbers of prize bonds than individuals who can't afford to buy more than one prize bond. By doing this, their chances of winning the prizes (cash money) increase. But most of the people confused about that if there is any kind of guarantee or ensurity that the prize bonds they buy would win? Every year most of the people win the money prizes. This is all about the luck. Avail the chance, buy a prize bond and try your luck to get rich overnight. Find recent drawing prize bond’s results online from this page.

Prize Bond Winners Lists

National saving prize bond makes many people millionaires every year. For the sake of becoming rich, people buy prize bonds every year and the lucky draw for these prize bonds is held according to the defined schedule. If you are among those people who had purchased the prize bonds and now looking for the results of the draw and wanted to know about the prize money they win. Then you are on the right place. From here, you will get the prize bond winners lists of different worth prize bonds for the year 2024. All news is updated here on a daily basis. You can find each prize bond update accurately from here. Keep in touch to get all prize bonds draw details from our website.